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Uncut, eyeglass lenses


Among the multitude of choices on the market, all lenses are NOT created equal.  


The right lenses for you will depend on your prescription, lifestyle, work, and leisure activities. We will help you select the optimum combination of lens and coating options to give you the best vision possible.

After age 40, for example, most adults develop a condition known as presbyopia, which is manifested by blurred vision at normal reading distances and results in an instinctive habit of  holding reading material farther and farther away. Reading, bifocal, trifocal, and state-of-the-art progressive lenses compensate for this and other natural visual changes.  

Due to ubiquitous use of computers, tablets, and Smart Phones, people of all ages are experiencing unprecedented eye strain. headaches, and neck pain as a result of extended use of these devices. In response, lens manufacturers have developed specific lenses and coatings to help you see clearly and comfortably at  intermediate ranges and relieve these symptoms. 


Additional lens coating options and blue-light filters can minimize reflections and eyestrain for crisper vision in all lighting situations, provide protection against scratches, and maximize the ability to keep your lenses clean.

Eyeglass lenses reflecting occupational lens options

Sun & Sports Protection

Most lens materials inherently block harmful cataract-causing UV-rays. Lens options for sunglasses range from self-tinting, which react to changing light conditions, to polarized, which filter out most glare created by sunlight reflected off water, snow, and other surfaces. 

Impact-resistant lenses used in sports glasses for adults and children are not only crucial in preventing serious eye injuries but can also be customized for particular sports activities. 

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Proper care of your lenses will extend their life and effectiveness. Don't leave your eyeglasses in the sun or near a heat source as this can damage the coating and frames.

Keep them in a protective case when not in use.

Eyeglasses in cases
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