Eyewear is NOT a commodity.


Although any product can be bought on the internet,

our personalized service and expertise cannot.

Expert knowledge of our craft with state-of-the art technology, precision-crafted lenses, and frames from small, independent manufacturers. 

Guidance selecting frames that are appropriate for your prescription, fit flawlessly, and complement your image and lifestyle. 

Description of services
Baby Glasses
Senior gentleman in pool wearing swim goggles
Girl wearing red glasses

We specialize in fitting eyeglasses for all ages, including infants and toddlers. We carry the largest selection of pediatric eyewear in the area.

We will expertly fill your prescription - from the simplest to the most complex -  to precise optical standards in our professional on-site laboratory.

We test the finished lenses to ensure they meet our strict quality control standards. 

We expertly fit your new eyeglasses for maximum comfort and functionality.

We offer ongoing service and repair of our eyeglasses if needed.

We listen. We communicate. We advise.

We want you to love your eyeglasses!